How our billing works

We Keep Things Simple So That You Can Enjoy Uninterrupted Service

At 76 Psychics we keep billing simple:

Your account will maintain a balance.

We start your balance as soon as you enter your billing information.

Your balance will adjust per message after you have used your free messages and coupons.

Charges occur on messages sent as well as received.

You can change your balance amount from your profile section in "Account". The default balance is $40.

Your Balance will be maintained for as long as you tell us to.

To tell us to stop, just contact customer support.

Question: Why do i need automatic account funding to communicate with my Advisor?

Answer: Your advisor invests their knowledge and expertise in providing you the most comprehensive answers to your questions. There is nothing more frustrating to your Advisor then investing their time answering your question in detail only to find out they are unable to send their response because your account balance is too low to receive messages. We value our Advisers and we hope you do to. This is why we decided to keep a balance on your account, allowing you to receive the information you deserve without interruptions.