About Us

Who We Are:

76 Psychics was developed to be the site just for YOU.

Your concerns are our top priority.

We heard you and this is why we have designed and implemented, Chat Readings On-Demand.

This option coupled with our time-tested, hand-picked, high-vibe tribe of Readers is the magic bullet to streamline your needs effectively.

You will receive the information you are seeking on-demand, quickly and effortlessly from a customer service-based company who takes what we do very seriously.

What We Do

We understand that your time is valuable and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the many options out there.

Chat Readings On-Demand cuts out any confusion.

Simply log on, fill out the form….

Why 76 Psychics

Our Readers are not just gifted Psychics, Medium’s and Tarot Card readers - they each individually have spent years, sometimes lifetimes in study, honing their craft and going deeper into their own process.

In doing so they are continually upgrading their human operating system, strengthening their Intuition and perfecting their Psychic senses which is pertinent in these fast-moving times.

Our focus is to provide you with a solid reading.

A reading that provides a clear vision for you.

A solid reading gives you emotional and mental clarity, which allows you to move through your situation feeling empowered, in control and relieved.

Our Readers can quickly asses what’s going on because they are already tuned into the higher realms.

It’s not necessary to know the exact source from where the information comes, the point is that it comes and that it is specific for you.

We ask that you just trust the process.

Of course, if you are looking to connect directly with a loved one who has passed or looking to gain a greater understanding of who your “guides” might be we do our best to provide you again with the specific information for you.

We are here to support you. To guide you. And even though your session is via chat we provide a serene environment.

In addition, because our Readers are so skilled, they have the ability to transmit energy. This energy knows where to go, it knows what to heal and it can open the space to an abundance of love, a physical healing, a promotion and more.