In the Psychic Groove

Psychic-Medium, Astrologer, Tarot, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

First and foremost I am a Psychic. My nickname has become “Radar” amongst my peers. I left a long-standing career in art world to share my abilities with those in need. There is nothing of more importance than “clarity”. Clarity is total self-liberation. When you see the bigger picture of your situation you become empowered. This power provides you with the strength to move forward taking the necessary steps to achieve the highest outcome for yourself. This is not possible without the clarity and when we are traumatized or stuck in the fight/flight dynamic it’s incredibly difficult to get this clarity.

"Nailed it! That is all." - Eden P.
"I initiated the chat with her to get clear on something my girlfriend was doing that I was not happy with. She got a clear picture immediately and now I know what to do." - Sean M.
"She knew immediately what my boyfriend was doing behind my back (not your standard cheating)!" - Jasmin D.