I bridge the gap

Animal Communication, Astrologer, Psychic-Medium, Empath

I started my path early in life volunteering at a local animal shelter. I started picking up information about the dogs and cats that would come off the streets and while I thought nothing of it, my co-workers were astounded. I then went on to work in a vet’s office as an animal healer/communicator. While working with the animals I then started getting information about their owners! I was born with heightened abilities of being able to sense the energies of the unseen be it animal or human. This is my true passion, and my natural progression led to studies in Reiki, astrology, humanities, and I am currently finishing up my masters in Sociology. I am your channel between heaven and earth and everything in between and beyond.

"Very easy chatting with her. I really was trying to make contact with my cat that died recently as I am completely devastated. I bummed she could not reach him but I was totally surprised that the first dog I ever had come through. We told my dog to make sure she took care of my cat that passed. I do feel better." - Ishmael A.
"Very sweet connection." - Terri W.
"Thank you, Bethany! I love knowing my mom and pup are blazing new trails in heaven." - Rosea R.
"Lol she got that I had a snake that we lost in the house ages ago." - Taylor J.