*Love&Relationshps* Concise, Honest, Accurate

Psychic-Medium, ESP, All the “Clair’s”

I can provide you with detailed and genuine insight into your, romantic life, job and/or career situation. I am able to quickly pick and provide you meaningful insight. I’ve been there, I know it can feel incredibly messy at times. This is why It’s so important to be able to see the truth behind the chaos or the vagueness that may be plaguing you. I invite you to chat with me and emerge victorious!

"Had my first reading with this wonderful person and she blew me away right from the start. When I initiated the chat I expected her answers to only the questions I had but she gave me much more than that. With specific people and other details. I can’t wait to see what transpires from this!" - Sage
"Christina was very professional and caring. I was nervous even though it was thru chat. I feel like if they really can sense what’s going on then they can see the mess I created. By the time she answered my last question I was able to see my situation much differently. I no longer felt shame or delusion. I felt truly liberated. She did not blow smoke either. She was just honest. I will be coming back to her. #grateful" - Camille
"This was a valuable experience for me. Thank you, Christina" - Lillianna
"I can honestly say that my reading with you was one of the best readings I've ever had. Everything you said was on point! It was kind of scary :). Thank you for the honesty and great advice. I will chat you soon." - Eliza