Bulletproof Truth

Tarot, Astrology, Reiki, Psychic-Medium

I am here to help you find the power within your own pain. Whether you are having difficulties or confusion with your relationship, health, career or family I am here to map out the truth and feel confident to take the next right action. Now is the time. Do not wait. Do not put off tomorrow what you can get done today. You are not alone, I can help.

"I would give her 10 stars if there was an option." - Debbie E.
"100% the real deal. I will stick with chatting with her for a bit and see what happens regarding my relationship." - John W.
"Thank you! I dodged a bullet and it’s only because I reached out to her." - Zoe D.
"I had her do a Tarot reading on my fiancé and me because I’m getting cold feet. What she told me was really interesting and backed up some of my concerns. Also, it takes some time to do the Tarot, so you won’t get an immediate response. Maybe 10/15 min but it’s totally worth it especially for the price." - Brett H.
"I like her a lot!" - Donna F.