Psychic-Detective providing results

Psychic-Medium, Empath, Puzzle solver, Astrology, Tarot

What is needed to bring about your desired result? Let me assist you with this. I’m a naturally born psychic-medium and empath with years of study in religion, yogic arts, astrology, meditation and divination. I credit mother nature though for being the best at revealing my psychic-intuitive gifts and she has blessed me so. I have a background in working on cold cases and alongside private detectives as a consultant. I’m driven to help others get to the root cause of their concerns providing them with the awareness they need to live a life unencumbered by fear, worry or doubt.

"I do not share my situation on a public level, but I can be really anonymous here so here I go…I’ve been struggling with who killed my brother for years. I asked her one question and she confirmed my suspicions all along down to the color of the car involved. I feel at peace knowing in my gut I knew." - Allison B
"It’s midnight as I type this. I’m up late again distraught over the loss of my mom who we found deceased in her bed over a year ago. We did not do an autopsy, so we don’t know the exact cause of how she died. Some of us thought heart attack, maybe a stroke and I always thought she accidently OD’d on her meds. Layla confirmed this immediately! My mom was still full of life. We miss her dearly. Layla said my mom said she was so sorry and didn’t mean to do it but is always in the Sun! My daughter always says Grandbee (what she calls her) is in the Sun!" - Marcy L
"I’d give her 10 stars if there was an option." - Bruce L
"Happy and full of hope since my chat with Layla. I will ring her again." - India S