Clear, Concise, Wise

Clairvoyant, Medium, Empath, Tarot, Wise

About 15 years ago a near death experience changed the course of my life. I won’t go into the details of what transpired but the end result is that all the switches to my psychic senses got flipped on. Within months of recovering from my NDE I was out the gate with channeling messages for others. I did go into deep study with mentors and spent years in different schools of metaphysics but at the end of the day really, it’s just you, me and spirit. Let me take you on a magical journey to clarity, knowing and healing so you can feel open, free, clear and content.

"She answered all my questions and I even got more than expected. I feel I can depend on her in the future." - Hayley
"Lynn got right to the point. She is the real deal and will give you enough Clarity and Truth. Thank you!" - Sarah
"Omg! Lynn is the best! I just got off a chat with her and she was very accurate and hilarious. She makes you feel comfortable. She is very direct and tells you what you need to hear which is the truth! She will definitely be my go 2 from now on!" - Evelin
"I recently lost a close friend who passed, and I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to him. Lynne was able to connect with him and said things that she had no way of knowing. Her message sounded like it was things coming straight from him. Thank you for using your gift to help me get closure with my friend." - Clare
"Such a blessing to meet Lynne. Her readings have been on target. She has answered a lot of questions for me." - Mina
"Lynne has so much optimism and truly cares about delivering all the information in such a genuine and honest way. I will chat with her again." - Wendy
"Answers are detailed and consistent messaging. Thank you." - Aleah
"Very kind and easy to communicate with and I like that she was clear with her answers." - Abagail
"Quick and direct." - Salma
"She was awesome and very detailed. She nailed my situation immediately. Thank you, Lynne" - Angelique
"Lynne is cool! The real deal and I feel like I can count on her always." - Rebecca D
"Chat flowed well and happy with the results." - Marleen C
"She’s my go-to for chat’s now!" - Nadia B