You have questions, I have answers

Psychic-Medium, Empath, Numerology, Astrology

I got the calling! My friends and collogues call me a gifted Psychic-Medium, a shaman, a Seer, and all around really kind and compassionate guy. For that I am grateful. Having spent many years of my adult life as an executive in the corporate world and experiencing good fortune, I got the calling…I had a white light experience during a critical time that radically shifted the course of my life. I also believe years of martial arts training and a passion for astrology assisted me on this new path. I have ESP, Extra Sensory Perception. This means my radar is fine-tuned to the energies of the unseen, the higher realms, your higher self and what may be coming down the pipeline for you. Whether you have questions regarding, career, finance, love, health etc.…I’m here to give you the guidance you are yet unable to see. I look forward to chatting with you!

"Thanks a lot Mark! Very informative and on the money!" - John T
" My daughter told me to pic this psychic from the bunch. Lol She should be the psychic! Mark clarified so much for both of us, and we are moving on from a very shattering divorce with a lot more peace and awareness. We will be back." - Melody P
"I liked him a lot. I will be back." - Jeremy C
"You can tell he is a laid-back guy and has your best interest at hand. I appreciate what I got." - Evan B