The Truth Will Set You Free

Master Tarot, Numerology, Psychic-Medium, Reiki Master

Thank you for stopping by! I am here to provide you with the most accurate feedback. It’s my job. I take what I do very seriously and I’m here to deliver you out of the bondage that may be keeping you locked in a cycle of fear, unknowing, addictive patterns, heartache, heartbreak, grief and more.

"Maya’s bio caught me right away. I’m in a cycle of fear about some things. I had a couple of questions and she nailed it. I mean, nailed it! I’ve had a fundamental shift as a result. Wooosh!" - Salma
"Her insights were remarkable. She was even able to pick up on the way my grandma died. I was skeptical to say the least as with any of these psychic websites but you can tell she is the real deal and I appreciate that." - Janae
"I’m just sitting here in awe. Sincerely the most revealing and the most comforting reading I have had. Thank you." - Marisa
"“Stop playing small for good.” Wow, wow, wow! She knew the guy I was dating was cheating immediately. She is right, I play small! I needed to see this written out to me. I heard it. And regardless of all the questions I had, this is my issue. I play small! She also gave me tools and direction to help overcome this. This chat packed a punch! Thank you, Maya!" - Ann
"Maya just gave me a magical tarot reading. I like the chat. This was like texting with a solid friend! I asked a specific question and I appreciate she didn’t keep coming back at me with other questions. She simply did a tarot card reading and based on the results provided me the information…thanking her so much right now! She really helped me see my way out of a tricky situation" - Irene