Let me liberate you from the uncertainty

Psychic, Chakra Attunement, Numerology, Shaman

In traditional Hinduism psychic abilities are not demonstrated. They are only used when required. I learned this from my family of origin. I have also studied the central bodies of work from the Bhagavad Gita, the Bible and the Kabbalah all of which acknowledge the potency of third-eye insights. Similarly, the importance of offering this sight as a healing to others. And while I’m Hindu by birth I am simply a modern-day mystic with the ability to guide you to greater states of awareness and healing.

"Thanks Raj! I’m new to this Chakra stuff but you clarified what my girlfriend has been telling me and I feel like have a good grasp. She will be impressed at least. Lol." - Nick T
"I’m Hindu as well but raised completely non-secular. I know nothing about any religion. Funny thing though, I have a longing in my heart for something. Raj gave me some really cool insights based on what he picked up for me. I’m glad I reached out." - Barry S
"Valuable chat. I will reach out again." - Von C
"I got a lot of encouragement speaking with him. I will be back." - Max G
"Very good at what he does. Straight shooter and incredibly compassionate." - Travis W
"The chakra thing is really confusing but I’m glad there is someone I can quickly ask a question from and know I will get a legitimate answer." - Tammi T