Randi Love

Love is always the answer – Get Clear Now

Psychic-Medium, Crystal Ball, Tarot, Empath, Love Psychic

Is your relationship confusing the heck out of you? Are you in total vagueness about what is really going on? Is it worth your time to hang on or get out? Will he or she call? I can immediately tap into the other person and sense what is really going on. Or is your issue with a co-worker, a boss or a business partner? Let’s get the answers you need. I’m a fifth-generation clairvoyant and raised by incredibly talented “seers”. While my psychic abilities are usually spot on it can also be fun to look into my crystal ball or see what the cards are saying. I can’t wait to meet you!

"Yep, she confirmed my worst fears about the guy I’ve been seeing. But she gave also gave me a self-esteem boost which I desperately need." - Barb T
"Randi was direct and spot on with my and ex of mine who I am still pining over. Ugh, I can’t seem to kick this guy and it’s driving me insane. She gave me some very good advice about how to move on though. I definitely got more out of this chat then I thought I would." - Ashley A
"My girlfriend is cheating on me and I knew it, but I was curious with who and Randi even was able to pick up on who it could be. I’m totally bummed but feel empowered by knowing." - Deidra A
"Whoa! She nailed by situation! Feeling way more empowered now. It will be hard, but know I can move on." - Patty M
"She told me the guy I’m with despite our challenges will remain together. I’m hopeful!" - Hillary C
"I was wondering if she could figure out what was happening in my relationship. She told me things that made me so sad. The truth really hurts. I knew all this. She told me I was addicted to this guy and I should look up what that actually means. I did and now at least I have some solid science about what I’m dealing with and that there are solutions. Clarity is everything. Girls pull those cobwebs off of you!" - Emily K