The numbers don’t lie

Numerology, Empath, Clairvoyant

I am simply an Empathic Numerologist. Numerology is a universal language. Numbers can reveal our character, our purpose, talents, our abilities in life. Each of us is born with a particular set of numbers that are unique to us. Numbers can clear the path to conflicts, unresolved problems, continued failed relationships, creative blocks and so much more. Through numerology we can journey to our deeper selves, reveal our soul’s purpose, be empowered and improve the way you interact with others and most importantly ourselves. Send me your birth day/month/year with your question. I got you covered!

"I just got off chatting with Roger. I’m laughing in hysterics at what he revealed to me. He’s right. The numbers do not lie. I’m laughing because I put soooo much energy into something that was baseless. I get it clearly now and I’m incredibly relieved. I will be chatting with Roger again! He also revealed some things about my life path I was holding back on out of fear, well, no more!" - Saniyah
"Great chatting with him. Very to the point and honest." - Kimberly
"What a pleasure it was chatting with Roger. His tone was down-to-earth and I could tell he had my best interest in mind. Thank you" - Maya
"I had three specific questions. Roger answered them with finesse and ease. He’s great at his craft! " - Isabella
"Roger didn’t sugar coat anything. I needed that. Numbers just tell it like it is. Very happy the with the connection." - Kayla
"An amazing, eye-opening experience! Thank you." - Sabrina
"I gave him my birthday info and the guy I really like. He said we are compatable!" - Deandra P
"Cool guy. Gave me some spiritual guidance which I did not think I needed. Thx!" - Patrick O
"I love Roger! He does not disappoint!" - Dee S
"Roger is the bomb! He is my go-to for chat readings now." - Felicia K
"I really enjoyed my chat with Roger. You can tell he really cares." - Ally B
"I gave him my birthday and he mentioned some things about my love life that were true. He also gave me some direction which I feel good about." - Kimberly A