Spooky accurate

Psychic-Medium, Shaman, Healer

I’ve been told I am spooky accurate and see-through walls. I am not bragging because this is how I have learned to help others. Having spent the better part of 30 years studying with Shamans in South America, Ireland, India and the Native Americans in America my path led to psychic readings. The healing modatlies I have learned along the way come through during any session. This means you will always receive a healing by default even via chat. Let me help you now, to get the answers and move forward with grace and ease.

"Sam is the real deal! I’m studying with a Shaman so I asked him a question about my teacher. He was spot on." - Marcus R.
"Sam is so cool! He nailed my situation." - Derek U.
"Very authentic with his response." - Eunice R.
"Woah! After our chat I felt light as a feather. I wonder if that is from a healing or the news I got." - Randy D.
"I really like the readers on this site! They are all very good and while I rarely write reviews I thought I should because yet again another chat proved amazing." - Dani M.