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I’m a 4th generation Clairvoyant and have been using my gifts most of my life. I connect with my lineage, with the angelic realm and what’s coming through from your higher self and your guides. My scope is vast…Want to know what he is thinking? Does he love you? Is its long term? Is he cheating? What is going on with my boss? Should I take the job? Are my loved ones safe? Should I move? Why am I still blocked in this area? I will help clarify what you are missing. Please contact a physician for healthcare advice and professional legal counsel for legal advice.

"Amazing lady. Very sweet. Very compassionate easy to talk to. Made me feel better and she gave me hope." - Charlotte
"She connected immediately to my grandfather who passed and I was not expecting this! I didn’t even remember my original question. Lol So pleased. " - Mia
"Sky was incredible in channeling the situation regarding my person of interest. Thank you!" - Evelyn
"Sky is a gem! She has been consistently accurate with every situation so far." - Abigail
"This lady was a life saver for me today! Incredibly grateful!" - Emily
"She mentioned something about my ex. I needed this confirmation!" - Bella R
"Been at this online psychic thing a while and this site has the best. Thank you again Sky!" - Nikki G
"I only asked Sky a few questions and she gave me way more then I thought. Thank you!" - Sherry L
"Very happy with this chat!" - Anna D