What is he/she is doing behind your back?

Relationship Psychic, Empath, Mediumship, Astrology

The agony of not knowing creates anxiety that disrupts the natural flow of our lives…you may end up stuck in a loop of near hyperventilation because the person you are in love with or dating is not calling, not being honest or just basically making you feel crazy insane. You may ask yourself, is this dictating how I feel throughout the course of the day? When you are in this loop it’s incredibly difficult to see reality. This is where I come in. Let me provide you with the insights to free you from this constricting state.

"She is the real deal. I’ve been to quite a few psychics over the years. Her response was clear, concise and genuine. She gave me information that NO other psychic has been able to do. I will be back." - Bridgette p
"She gave me a very nice response and didn’t just give me once sentence." - Christy M
"I’m gutted over a romantic situation that ended out of nowhere. I have no idea what happened. Well, I do now. I know I’m better off but it’s still hard. She was very generous with her response" - Lynn R
"Very good chat. Thank you, Tanisha!" - J.A