Decoding your situation

Psychic-Medium, Empath, High-Intuitive

I learned to code software at young age and made some really interesting connections when it comes to the psychic senses, intuition and emotions…it’s all code. I look at code as energy. It takes various forms of energy to create code, including the physical code itself which comes with brain power, focus, discipline and intention. Creating code for me has activated my ability to connect with the unseen and to tap into other’s codes and see what they are doing and sensing. Let me decode your questions and concerns and upgrade your operating system!

"My boyfriend is a coder so I was curious if he really could decode my boyfriend. First thing he responded, he likes fast cars and he not being faithful. Drop the mic cuz he was right!" - Sherry L
"I was hoping he could tap into a business project I’ve been working on that is at a standstill. He knew immediately there were three other people involved. He gave me some savvy business advice which I wasn’t expecting." - Glenn R
"Thanks Travis!" - D.J
"He talked to my Angels Lol but a great chat!" - Priscilla
"This is crazy but he mentioned something very specific that a local Tarot card reader told me about a month ago. I’m a little spooked but intrigued." - Katie G
"Thanks man! This was enlightening." - Tom C