Genuine Master with Accurate Readings

Fifth-generation, Clairvoyant, Empath, Medium

I come from a long lineage of English countryside Psychic-Mediums and bring over 30 years of experience as spiritual Counselor in the Catholic Church. My foundation is my faith, my intuition is my rock. Within the chat I meet you where you are at energetically. I can immediately sense what is up for you and will answer directly with the messages I receive. If you are in crisis, if you are confused, if you are grieving, if you need clarity, I am here for you. These chat readings have become a “spiritual sanctuary” and I invite you to the experience.

"Trudy is amazing. I had a very informative chat reading. I'm looking forward to doing a second one with her. It was well worth it!" - Chelsea
"I definitely got my money’s worth. I had a valuable experience. I got the guidance I was seeking regarding a future work situation and felt the conversation flowed incredibly well. I will indeed be chatting with her again." - Cynthia
"This was my first chat reading ever so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Trudy SPOT on with everything she said. She could even describe me and my current situation. I feel such a sense of peace. Thank you, Trudy!" - Cassandra
"Trudy was incredibly generous. She gave a very detailed reading for my questions. She even thought of some questions herself to help me get deeper to the roots of the problem which I would have never even thought on my own. Very grateful." - Catrina
"First time and was amazing! I would definitely recommend her to my friends! She knew things about me that was impossible for her to know and I honestly did not expect this on a chat reading. I’m liking all the readers on this site a lot! " - Aurora
"Having difficulties with the wife and she cleared some stuff up for me. Very valuable for the money." - Frank C
"I needed some serious truth. I know I’m in denial. Trudy handled this like a pro. Thank you." - Celia R
"My third time chatting with Trudy. Not usually a testimonial person but it’s important to give credit where credit is due." - Belinda K
"She got to the point and was generous with her time. Thank you." - Ruby R