How to invite love into your life

Posted by: Nadia

The ancient yogis found that there are many ways of inviting love into your life by opening your heart chakra and manifesting the energy to attract your idle life partner. Be open and allowing for new energy to flow into your heart space and awaken all your inner senses.

Many times, we find ourselves at the precipice of entering a new potential relationship only to pull back and fall on old habits.

Once you are aware of old patterns you must work on changing them by way of conscious behavior.

Repeat the phrase “I will break old patterns and allow love into my life” every time you are faced with the opportunity to meet someone new but find yourself pulling back.

Vulnerability sounds scary both for you and your potential partner and it might be up to you to make the first step as it will be greatly appreciated and recuperated by the other side.

Self confidence can co-exist with Vulnerability and indicates that while you are open and allowing you also know your worth and your partner will be happy to have you in their life.

The vibratory frequency of two people must match or love will never flourish. The best way to invite someone with a frequency that matches your own is to signal the universe you are ready and allow it to pick for you without resistance.