The Importance of Intuition

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Albert Einstein said, “the only real valuable thing is Intuition.” Think about it. This is a man who was a pioneer the field of Quantum Physics. A scientist, a visionary who had a ruthless drive to understand the laws of Physics who mastered numbers, equations, frequencies space/time and at the end of the day he knew to listen to that “hunch” that “inner voice” which was the source of his inspirations. He believed in intuition as inspiration. “I sometimes feel that I am right, but I do not know that I am.” He knew that intuition was a form of knowing before knowing and he trusted that. Einstein understood his physical relationionship with the Infinite Energy which was the direct link to his theories and discoveries.

Einstein’s own awareness just reiterates to me what I have always known…that the intelligence of the universe is centered in our own bodies. Every answer you are seeking is within your own body. Yet counter-intuitively most will continually seek outside of themselves to get the answers.

I can remember early on my grandma Aoife (ee-fa) telling me to look at the night sky, to get still and listen. She would ask me, where do you feel the night sky in your body? Just like a guided mediation she would say, where do you feel the stars in your body? I would pause and then feel a tingle in between my brow point, (the 3rd eye). She would say, where do you feel Mars, then Jupiter, then Saturn. Where do you feel the Milky Way… just observe. She said, you do not have to do anything but simply sense what comes into your awareness. There is no right or wrong…. just allow all your sensations. And there it was. I would feel something right in the center of my stomach move (energy). Or my middle finger would twitch. I would even begin to sense smells and hear things that were connected to the process she was taking me through. Little did I know these were the points of my sensory system being activated. I was learning something that was not being taught in school (and still not to a large degree) or even in my local church. She was a woman of great Intuition. The locals called her a “seer” and mom would tell me stories about the myriad of people who would come to her house seeking guidance. While my mom has her own psychic abilities, she never pursued it like I did, and I know my grandma sensed that this was something I would make my life’s work, so she made sure to foster the appropriate environment for me to evolve in. She used to tell me, if you don’t understand your reality through your intuition, you will not understand reality at all. And that, you can’t live by emotions and feelings you must live by your consciousness which comes from intuition. This way you can avoid conflicts, trauma, drama and live a life of love, abundance, and service. You can choose to live life as a sufferer as or as joyous cultivator. It’s simply a choice. It’s so much easier to trust yourself, to be courageous and to have compassion when your intuition is firing on all cylinders.

How Do I know if my Intuition is weak?

What we are talking about here is the power of Intuition as it relates to creating your best life. If you are finding yourself in the middle of a calamity after calamity, heartbreak after heartbreak, disappointment after disappointment, health crisis after health crisis, or engaging in certain behaviors that diminish your livelihood; This is the surest sign that your intuition is not working for you. Or maybe it’s just that you find yourself in a situation where you have a lot of anxiety or where you are not being fulfilled. And here’s the deal, you may by nature be a very intuitive person, however when it comes to patterns, habits, and addictions your intuition will go straight out the window. You also are most likely to be stuck in the fight/flight loop. If you are finding yourself in one of these loops, I just described it’s likely due to some hardwired blueprints in the subconscious. These blueprints play out as addictions and habits in our lives. And because these blueprints are so hardwired, we are not aware they are running the show. So, we convince ourselves it’s the other’s persons fault or we must wait around for someone else in hopes they will do something better or until something better comes along. Then there is the old self-deprecating scenario, that there is something fundamentally wrong with me. The only thing that is wrong is that your intuitive capacity is well, incapacitated.

Why is it so incredibly hard to change a habit, a pattern, leave an unfulfilling relationship or job? One reason is that we go through and actual psychical “withdrawal”. Yes, just like a drug addict the withdrawal is too intense and we become weak and then we go back for a “fix”. Even the thought of leaving can throw us into withdrawal. And the vicious cycle continues. Or we convince ourselves I’ll never find anyone else, or I’ll never find the job of my dreams. Imagine if you were willing to simply say to yourself, I AM willing to see this differently. I AM willing to have a different experience. Let’s try this now. Think of a situation that is causing you stress. Sit quietly and then gently say to yourself, I AM willing to see this differently. Now, take a deep inhale and hold the breath for a brief pause and exhale deeply. Let the exhale be a little bit longer than the inhale. Notice how you feel. Let’s try this again. Now say to yourself, I AM willing to have a different experience. Take a deep inhale, hold, and then a deep exhale. Now observe your energy. Notice all your sensations. Do you hear, feel, taste or sense anything? Maybe you see colors. This is your sensory system activating. Maybe you just feel calmer. This simple process alone can quickly shift you out of the fight/flight response, open your intuitive capacity and create the space to make the optimal choice for yourself.

What happens is we end of becoming so addicted to the source of the pain or conflict that we can’t even see we have total control over it, that we have different options and choices. Ask yourself, what is the payoff for me staying in this situation? The lover, the boss, the family member, the friend, the person place or thing will never ever be the issue. The focus will always have to go back to you and what you are choosing to do with the information you are experiencing and getting radical clarity on what you want in your life. When your Intuition is intact, the answers will be clear. This doesn’t necessarily mean it will be easy, but you will know what’s right intuitively so you will take the action regardless. And when you do, you will experience what you hear about all the time, your intuition is your SUPERPOWER. You will get an injection of self-esteem that you will wonder why you waited so long to get here.

Activating your intuition is about great self-exploration, self-awareness, and self-expansion. It’s about the having the courage to make the changes. Your intuition is your Divine Self activating your full potential! You owe it to yourself to be the continuous flow of creation. You owe it to yourself to be the embodiment of supreme love in action. You owe it to yourself, to be yourself!

I am so grateful to share this potent offering with you, and would love to hear your reflections and experiences all along the way.

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